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Ravindra Kaushik – Greatest Spy India Ever Had

Most Indians have not heard a man called Ravindra Kaushik

RAW officers & Army people
recognize him as “The Black Tiger”

He was born in 1952 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan to a Punjabi family

Kaushik displayed his talent at the national level dramatic meet in Lucknow, which was witnessed by officials from the Research and Analysis Wing

Ravindra Kaushik joined Indian Intelligence when he was just in his teenage and was trained to become a SPY

Kaushik had to learn Urdu, get himself acquainted with Quran & other Islamic religious texts and the terrain of Pakistan during his training with RAW

He was just 23, when he got complete training, his mission was to enter Pakistan and pass the secretive information to India

He was sent to Pakistan in 1975 and all his records in India were destroyed without any trace

He landed in Pakistan as Nabi Ahmed Shakir – studied LLB – joined the Pak army. He was trained so well, that he even got promoted to the rank of MAJOR

From 1979 to 1983 he passes on critical information to the Indian Intelligence and the Pakistani army did not have a clue

Information provided were so critical that the Indian Intelligence came to know about insiders within the country who were helping the Pakistani army

They were many political leaders who were hand in glove with separatists & terrorists

Everything was going well until 1983, and once he caught by the Pakistani Intelligence while exchanging information to another Indian spy

The Pakistani army tortured Ravindra Kaushik for 2 years in most brutal ways

But not once did Ravindra Kaushik reveal a word about him or the Indian Intelligence

He was sentenced to death in 1985. But Supreme Court then changed the sentence to life imprisonment

In 2001 he succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease in Central Jail Mianwali, Pakistan & dies as unsong hero

But he ensured all the secret letters passed on to his mother in India which revealed all the inside story of his life

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