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How God Delivers Success? Master Key to Become Successful.

In my childhood my parents used to teach me to pray God on daily basis especially in the morning and evening (Sandhya time). Likewise other kids I had also so many questions about God. Who is God and why do we need to worship him on daily basis? Why we cannot see God? Does God really exist?

It was very challenging for me to find the answers of these questions because I was very little to understand things and activities of this world. Despite of disinterest I continued my prayers to God. After few years I realized that I had remembered so many mantras and Chalisa’s without any deliberate effort to remember them. That time it was very shocking for me to realize that I have remembered so many mantras.

Now come to the point, when my parents forced me to chant mantras in my childhood actually it was a seed that every parents sow in the childhood of a child. As I grew my faith in God strengthened and I experienced so many miracles in life. Miracles were related to my study, my family, my circumstances supported me also I was blessed with wisdom and I met with friends who were so kind and helpful to me.

No matter how faithful you are to God he has planned something special for you to level your game up. Initially he will be very soft to you and run your life smoothly like in childhood most of kids are free from the hurdles of life, they just want their toys and friends. They just want to live every single moment. But as we grow God throws some challenges in order to level up your game so that you can become more powerful than you are.

Some people consider these challenges as obstacles and try to escape them but as far as they run from the challenges as much as they get entangled in the maze of problem. We need to embrace challenges and difficulties. Difficulties have the powers to create a Leader.

How God listens to Prayer?

We are children of God and God is our Father. He does not want anything from us except truth and kindness. God listens to our prayers when we don’t have any expectations from God. When our prayers are totally pure and expectations free. We don’t need to worry about our expectations because God is almighty and omnipotent. He has already planned something special for us.

How to ask for Guidance?

Whenever you are in trouble or unable to make a decision that time you will need to look for someone’s guidance. If you are a strong believer of God then you will remember God when you are in dilemma. God always willing to help his devotees and want to see them happy. So what is the best way through we can reach to God and ask for Help or Guidance. It is very simple we just need to sit silently and take five deep breaths, cool your mind, remember God and say to him “Hey My Lord, I know you are with me and watching me. I know you are almighty and omnipotent, you know everything about me and things I am going through. Hey Lord, I need your guidance to conquer these difficulties. Please show me the right way through I can overpower them and become successful in life. Please help me out.”

How God delivers success?

If someone is a theist than definitely he will have faith in God. There are so many people have faith in God but God delivers success to very few people. The reason is because many people have very unstable faith in god. Whenever God wants to level up his devotees game people curses God for uninvited troubles in their life. They just want to play the game safely and don’t want to cross safe zone. God gives equivalent opportunities to everyone but very few people embrace them and become successful in life and others are just busy in complaining. God wants us to face challenges and become stronger. God always stand in the way we are walking and help us whenever we need help. Always have faith in God no matter how big your problems because God has planned something special for you.

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